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“I can’t concentrate in flats!”

Fashion Quotes To Live By!


Victoria Beckham.

Kiki Lee - The One Stop Fashion Spot!

Great Style is Timeless, Borderless and Unites People....

Who is Kiki Lee?





A Better Question is what is Kiki Lee About? 


Kiki Lee is the confident you, the you on your best day. The one that fits into your

I’m still skinny’ jeans, the you that owns the room.

No matter who you are, we’ve all had that day! Let Kiki Lee clothes bring out the Kiki Lee

in you, everyday!

  • Need a change, we have the tools to get you there.
  • Too busy to keep up with trends, or need help with your look? we will find the best solution in the most supportive way 
  • And if you just want some fashion eye candy and style stimulation, we have you covered!


We look forward to getting to know you more personally through our Blog.



What is





A place for like-minded fashion enthusiasts to get relevant and curated fashion news

A place to get to know each other and discover exclusive unique pieces created by

Kiki Lee. 

These purchases are available in our store.

The one stop fashion spot. Life is busy, find all you need here, trends, friends topical

issues and fabulous clothes!


Services Offered






Is Kiki Lee For Me?





Yes, the more the merrier!

If you are someone who gets noticed or wants to get noticed, this site/ brand is for you.

Not ready for that kind of attention but secretly crave it? Don’t worry you’re in a supportive

environment full of great tips, ideas and products to give you the makeover, make-under 

(and everything in between) of your dreams.

We believe that EVERYONE has at least one knockout feature and we’ll help you make

sure that  you feature it in the best way!


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